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Parent Dogs


River 46606_edited.jpg


CKC English Cream Golden Retriever

River is a Registered CKC 100% English Cream Golden Retriever. River lives on our two acres with her own Lemhi River in our back yard. She loves to swim, play ball and is your best buddy. River is the most loyal companion we have yet to have and has been very easy to train. She wants to please. She will alert us if a stranger comes to the property but once she sees your ok with them she greets them with her wagging tail and calls them friend. 

PRA-PRCD, DM clear

Riley an English Cream Golden Retriever


CKC English Cream Golden Retriever

Riley is a CKC English Golden Retriever with a fun-loving personality. Riley is athletic and fun. She loves to be affectionate and be with people. She likes to explore and go with her family to events. She curls up to you after a long day and enjoys a nice snuggle.

PRA-PRACD clear /DM clear (-/- Curl) (IC/IC Furnishings)

AKC 1/2 English Cream Golden Retriever


AKC 1/2 English Cream Golden Retriever

Lily is an AKC Golden Retriever with excellent bloodlines and conformation. She is professionally trained and lives with my brother Jim in beautiful Salmon, Idaho. Lily is affectionate and an all-around great dog with an easy temperament and a calm demeanor.

PRA-PRACD clear /DM clear (-/- Curl) (IC/IC Furnishings)



CKC English Cream Golden Retriever

Cheyenne is a pick of the litter Registered CKC 1/2 English 1/2 American Golden Retriever. She belongs to my mom and is located in beautiful Salmon, Idaho. She lives with my parents and enjoys laying in the tall cool grass, watching deer, greeting guests at their Airbnb, playing with grandchildren, and smiling. Cheyenne has a beautiful body and lovely head. She is a very mellow golden retriever, typical of the English lines.

PRA-PRCD, DM clear, (-/- Curl) (IC/IC Furnishings)


Medium AKC Poodle Rocco


Medium AKC Poodle

Rocco is  a fun loving well mannered  handsome  boy! He loves  his country life going on hikes,  playing with his friends and curling up by the warm fire in the house  at night.
AKC registered, DM,  Full panel parents  Clear, ( +/+ Curl) F/F Furnishings
Rocco does not carry any black.


April's (Margaret's Daughter) Dads

Banjo a CKC Mini Poodle


CKC Mini Poodle

Banjo is CKC Registered from all dark red lines.
11 lbs and 10 inches tall. Banjo is Rizzo's 1/2 brother.
He loves his dear family and goes to the beach every summer, the cabin in the winter and "owns" the neighborhood the rest of the time. Our vet office especially enjoys seeing Banjo.

PRA-PRCD, DM, NEWS, VWD1 Clear, ( +/+ Curl) F/F Furnishings
Banjo does not carry black.


Rizzo a CKC Mini Poodle


CKC Mini Poodle

Rizzo is a red mini poodle. Color: Dark Red.
Weighs 11 lbs and is 10 inches. Rizzo loves his buddy Karly and our Aunt and Uncle who he lives with. He is compassionate and loving.

PRA-PRCD, DM, NEWS, VWD1 Clear, ( +/+ Curl) F/F Furnishings
Rizzo does not carry black.

Rocket AKC Mini Poodle


AKC Mini Poodle

Red Miniature Poodle
Weighs 15.5 lbs and Stands 14” tall
Health-tested clear for PRA, DM, VWDI, & N
Color-Testing: At/Aw, B/B, e/e, Ky/Ky
Coat Testing: F/F
OFA Patellas “Normal”
OFA Hips “Good”
OFA Cardiac “Normal”


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